Shipping container units - unbeatable strength and security

All our storage units are shipping containers, ranging from 8ft in size to 40ft. Shipping containers provide unbeatable strength and security:

  • Manufactured from thick corrugated, weatherproof steel - theft and vandal resistant

  • Marine ply flooring, designed for heavy load bearing

  • Rubber sealed, watertight doors

  • Vents to combat condensation

  • High security locking system - a steel box is used to protect the lock from bolt-croppers, angle grinders, chisels, or other methods of forced entry. When used in conjunction with the high security padlocks we supply, unauthorised entry is virtually impossible without specialised cutting instruments

Our steel shipping containers are the perfect solution for secure storage space for your large outdoor items. Practical easy access - pull up right up to your container to unload. Outdoor container storage enables you to store items that indoor storage warehouses prohibts, So whether it's your lawnmower, sports' equipment, or painting and decorating trade essentials, we can accommodate.

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Contact us today at STORE4U on 0151 546 4900. You can be sure of a friendly and helpful response from any of the team and remember - we will not be beaten on price!


How to pick the right storage option for you!

How to pick the right storage option for you!

We know that picking the right storage option for you can be daunting, especially with so many options to choose from! That's why we've come up with a quick guide to help you pick the right storage option!
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You can be assured of a friendly and helpful response from any of our team

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